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Listening to people with shooting law problems, we have become very aware that many just do not know where to find specialist shooting law advice. We want to remedy this.

We advise clients involved in shooting and the shooting industry on shooting law cases throughout the U.K. The client's location is irrelevant.

Our Managing Director has been a shooting man all his life and was, until recent retirement, a solicitor specialising in shooting firearms and countryside law.

DAVID BARRINGTON BARNES, Managing Director of SHOOTINGLAW comments as follows:
"I participate in game and rough shooting and run my own Shoot. I am a qualified Deer Manager and stalk extensively on low and high ground in the U.K. I hold both parts of the Deer Management Qualification. I am a member of BASC and a keen and (I hope) generous supporter of shooting.

I have a career's experience in shooting and country law cases. I really understand how individuals and firearms are affected by today's fast changing and evermore restrictive shooting laws.

During my long career as a Solicitor, I represented clients in a wide range of shooting and firearms law cases including:-

• Shotgun and Firearms Certificate Appeals;
• Negotiations with the police about Revocations and Refusals
• Court appearances about gun law offences
• Advising shooting ground clubs and proprietors
• S.S.S.I. cases
• The grant of shooting and stalking Licences
• Anti poaching and illegal coursing cases
• Rights of way and shoot trespass cases
• Leases and Licences for land
• Wildlife Cases
• Health & Safety Defences
• Many other aspects of shooting and country law"

THE SERVICE now provided by SHOOTINGLAW Limited features:-

• Advice and consultancy on legal and quasi legal problems in connection with all these subjects and firearms
and shooting law generally
• Referrals to selected Barristers, Solicitors, Land Agents and other professionals for appropriate representation

ShootingLaw Ltd wants to help genuine shooting people so please keep a note of our contact details and recommend us to your contacts in case they ever need specialist advice.

If you want to copy this reference to contacts or customers please e-mail this to a friend. We want to spread the word that there really is a Legal Consultancy Company specialising in the needs of shooting people.

For now we wish you good sport and straight shooting!

Managing Director of ShootingLaw Ltd
Mobile: 07887 762275 or 07963 523293